Linked to The Living Word Bible Study for Sunday, January 9 by Ian Greig

This week’s story is about The Great Realisation — God’s gracious salvation was not to be confined to one nation, however much they were chosen and set apart by Him in a special covenant. …

Ian Greig writing in The Living Word

The Living Word for January 9, 2022, is a non-denominational Bible study which relies on the Bible explaining the Bible, uninfluenced by any church’s traditions or preferences, and following the Bible’s sequence of progressive revelation. Read the whole passage first and let the Holy Spirit begin speaking to you through…


It’s a call to change and welcome the righteous Lord who will change us, gathering those who are estranged, baptising in the Holy Spirit and giving the joy of His salvation in place of anxiety

OT: Zephaniah 3:14–20 — God rejoices in gathering His alienated ones

With OT: Isaiah 12:2–6 — Song of Praise

NT gospel: Luke 3:7–18 — It’s a call to change for the righteous Lord who baptises in the Holy Spirit and…

Ian Greig

Former pastor now finding new ways to share the encouraging good news for today found all through the Bible. From Herefordshire, England near border with Wales

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