God offers us salvation and wants us to choose the abundant life of His kingdom — by turning from our independence and relying on Him

Marlbrook House (ca. 1350), Weobley, Herefordshire, UK

Rowan tree in Weobley, Herefordshire, UK

Wisdom with humility is the path to true greatness

Grwne Fawr Reservoir in the Black Mountains, Wales

  • Non-denominational Bible study (TLW37B)
  • The Bible explains the Bible in a progressive revelation
  • Based on Revised Common Lectionary set readings shared by many different churches and chapels
  • Bible version is NIV © Biblica.

THEME: Greatness in God’s kingdom is living for others as Jesus did

Recent Hereford Park Run


The main teaching point that comes from this week’s Bible readings (Sept 5) comes straight from the heart of God Himself…

Theme: God loves us without favouritism

Ian Greig

Former pastor now finding new ways to share the encouraging good news for today found all through the Bible. From Herefordshire, England near border with Wales

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